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domingo, 9 de setembro de 2012

Atividade com os Cognatos

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Atividade 01 

1. Leia o texto e sublinhe os false friends.

            A DAY AT WORK

In the morning I attended a meeting between management and union representatives. The discussion was very comprehensive, covering topics like working hours, days off, retirement age, etc. Both sides were interested in an agreement and ready to compromise. The secretary recorded everything in the notes. Eventually, they decided to set a new meeting to sign the final draft of the agreement.
Back at the office, a colleague of mine asked me if I had realized that the proposed agreement would be partially against the company policy not to accept workers that have already retired. I pretended to be really busy and late for an appointment, and left for the cafeteria. Actually, I didn't want to discuss the matter at that particular moment because there were some strangers in the office.
After lunch I attended a lecture given by the mayor, who is an expert in tax legislation and has a graduate degree in political science. He said his government intends to assist welfare programs and senior citizens, raise funds to improve college education and build a public library, and establish tougher limits on vehicle emissions because he assumes this is what the people expect from the government.
                        Fonte: SCHÜTZ, Ricardo. Falsos conhecidos - False friends. Disponível em: <http://www.sk.com.br/sk-fals.html>. Acesso em: 13 jan. 2010.      
  2. De acordo com o texto acima, relacione os false friends aos seus significados em português.     
a) attend                                 (     ) abrangente
b) Fabric                                 (     )  prefeito
c) comprehensive                    (     )  por fim, finalmente
d) discussion                           (     )  conversa, debate
e) eventually                           (     )  tecido
f) mayor                                  (     )  comparecer

Possíveis estratégias de leitura:

·  examine se a palavra a ser consultada é realmente importante para a sua compreensão do texto;
·  procure entendê-la por meio do contexto no qual está inserida;
·  veja se consegue relacionar a palavra a uma outra ou a um grupo de palavras já conhecidas;
·  tente, mais uma vez, “puxar pela memória” e ver se consegue “supor” o significado da nova palavra.

Atividade 2
Identifique nas frases abaixo o significado das palavras indicadas, partindo do princípio de que o contexto é o que determina esse significado. Procure seguir os passos que nós vimos nesta aula. Somente depois de esgotar todas as possibilidades, consulte um dicionário.
             1. Fine
a) He was driving his car when he got a fine. _______________________________________ 
b) I’m fine thanks.                                           _______________________________________
c) She’s a fine woman.                                    _____________________________________     
            2. Strike
a) The clock is striking 7 p.m.            _____________________________________
b) The car struck the wall.                  _____________________________________
c) The workers are on strike.             _____________________________________
            3. Straight
a) Go straight home!                         _____________________________________
b) I have straight brown hair.            _____________________________________
c) The President was straight during his speech   _______________________________

Atividade 03        

1. Leia o texto abaixo e sublinhe as palavras cognatas. Siga o exemplo do primeiro parágrafo.
            Founded in 1998, Google runs the world's most popular Internet search engine. It's a position that has earned Google huge profits and given it outsize influence over the online world.
            But Google's ambition far exceeds the confines of Internet search and advertising. The company sees its mission as the organization of the world's information, making it universally accessible and useful.
            Google has built a powerful network of data centers around the globe in hopes of, among other things, connecting users instantly with high-resolution satellite pictures of every corner of the earth and sky; making the entire text of books, in and out of print, available online; and becoming the leading distributor of online video through YouTube, which it acquired in 2006.
            At the same time, Google has taken its advertising system offline, as it tries to capture portions of large ad markets in television, radio and newspapers. It is investing heavily in mobile phone technology to replicate its online success in the wireless world. And it has built an array of online software programs, including e-mail, word processing and spreadsheets that it hopes will become the building blocks of a new computing paradigm -- one that, unlike the Microsoft-dominated PC world, will have Google at its center.

 2. A partir das cognatas que você encontrou, classifique-as em “idênticas” ou “parecidas”.  
____________________________________                      ________________________________
____________________________________                      ________________________________
____________________________________                      ________________________________
____________________________________                      ________________________________
3. Qual a ambição da Google?
4. A que se referem as datas de 1998 e 2006?